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  • The Rochester Medical Center provides Coronary CT Angiography training for physicians interested in all levels (I, II, and III) of certification outlined in the ACC/AHA Credentialing Guidelines.

  • The program, started in March 2006, and has been very successful. Cardiologists, Radiologists, Cardiac Surgeons and Cardiology Fellows coming from all over the United States and internationally highly recommend it to their peers.

  • Please read our recent reviews and the Review Archive to learn more about this outstanding learning opportunity.  

"Excellent course. I would like to do it again!"

- MA

"Made me a believer. Plan to incorporate it in my practice."

- JB

"Outstanding teaching file. Excellent cases with cath correlation!"

- RD

"I learned CTA from scratch.  I am now confident diagnosing very complex cases."

- KM

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CTA Reviews



"180 degree difference in knowledge base after taking course. Seen many coronary cases, calcium scores, coronary anomalies, CABG, other pathologies" -MA

"I am able to read cardiac CT independently. Very wide variety of pathology cases." -AA

"Significant improvement. Went from very basic knowledge to actually feeling good about a systemic approach to each case. Very good diversity from totally normal to tumors, to congenital, to significant CAD. Very good case selection." -DC

"Much improvement in knowledge after course. Interesting and varied pathology including anomalies, masses, dissection, pulmonary emboli, pulmonary veins, stents and bypass grafts as well as artifacts." -MM

"Far improved. Absolutely benefited in my approach to interpreting CTA. Lots of great cases of coronary anomalies and pathology." -AP

"CCTA knowledge improved. Wide variety of cases." -MG

"I learned a lot during the course. I now have a systematic approach to cardiac CT." -AC 

"Significantly increased my knowledge. Great cases and teaching! Great cases on non-cardiac findings, CABG, congenital." -AA

"Knowledge improved significantly. Wide range of pathology." -AT




"My knowledge of CCTA before and after taking this course is night and day. I now feel comfortable processing cases. I have absolutely benefited in my approach to interpret CCTA. There is a wide range of pathology; amazing case." -KS 

"Significant and definitive improvement post course. Approach is now more scientific and rigorous, learning however is lifelong. Wide variety of pathology seen. Functional studies were helpful." - SP  

"Overall this course is excellent." -SS 

"Overall this course is very good." -VR 

"Good course. Really benefited from time spent with Dr. Atallah." -RJ

"Very good course. Excellent workstation." -MR 

"Cases and work station were excellent." -TK 

"Very good course." -YC

"I learned a lot. Had no knowledge prior to this course. Wide variety of cases that are helpful in the real world practice." -SA 

"Definite improvement in my systemic approach of cases and interpretation. Wide variety of pathology cases." -RC 

"Excellent course. Great pathology. Gives you an understanding of the entire approach." -RA 

"Detailed description of cases. Wide variety of pathology. Systemic approach training." -AA 


"Learned a lot and feel very confident to read CCTA on my own." -JH 

"Appreciated how the course could be tailored to individual needs. Plenty of opportunities to answer my questions." -LW 

"Cases and instructors were excellent. I would recommend this course to others." -NH 

"Excellent course. Great pathology." -MR

"Cases are very good." -CL 

"Dr. Atallah is an excellent teacher who emphasizes on systemic approach." -SJ 

"This was an excellent learning experience. I will be recommending this course to my friends." -NK 

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