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   This is a screening study made possible by the spatial resolution of the spiral CT scanner.  With slices as thin as 0.5 millimeters, small tumors, polyps, and masses can be detected early in the brain, chest, abdomen, and pelvis.  The earlier a tumor is detected , the greater the chances for cure.  For these reasons, Total Body Scanning is gaining popularity. 

    To further increase the accuracy of the Total Body Scan, contrast can be used to enhance the images as needed.  The RDC will provide you with the appropriate recommendation.

    The following images provide examples of significant abnormalities discovered randomly during Total Body Scan screening:


These images show the presence of a large right renal mass randomly discovered in a 72 year old patient with no complaints.  The tumor, discovered so early, was very well localized with no evidence of spread.  Immediate surgical removal confirmed its nature as a renal cell carcinoma and provided the patient with a total cure. 

This is an asymptomatic patient who was found, during Total Body Scanning, to have a significant lung mass that will require further investigation to assess its nature and determine the appropriate therapy.

More benign, but significant findings are also often seen during Total Body Scanning: such as kidney stones, gallstones, organ enlargement, etc. as seen in the images below. 

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