Coronary Calcium Score

Every 26 Seconds

Heart Disease is the number one killer of Men and Women. Every 26 Seconds there is one Sudden Cardiac Death or a Coronary Event in the USA alone!

The Coronary Calcium Score is the most accurate indicator of risk for cardiac events. It is even superior to the traditional Framingham risk factor assessment as clearly demonstrated in the NIH sponsored    MESA study: NEJM 2008; 358: 1336-1345. The larger the Score, the more vessels involved, the higher the risk.

The test is non-invasive. You do not even have to undress. No injections. Very low radiation.

        Get your test and protect yourself and your family.

Coronary CT Angiography

Cardiac CT Angiography, as seen in these images, has revolutionized the way we can non invasively evaluate the heart structures and function. Stunning detail is revealed when our scanning tube gathers, in few seconds, up to two Gega Bytes of information with 0.5 mm  thick slices of the heart! Then, with extremely sophisticated software, algorithms are used to reconstruct and identify with color the nature and composition of the cardiac structures. Green is Blood Flow, yellow is Calcified Plaque, and blue is Fibrous Plaque.

That is how we can characterize the Coronary Plaque and analyze its different components.  In the above seen picture one can see a high grade Fibrous plaque, causing 70-80%  obstruction, in the proximal Left Anterior Descending coronary artery. A lesion often referred to by Cardiologists as "The Widow Maker". The associated red spots are consistent with fat depositions. Further downstream a stable non obstructive old calcific plaque is visualized in yellow. While the rest of the vessel tapers off with a diffuse but thin layer of fibrous atheromatous streaks. Incidentally this patient was free of any symptoms.

Prevention Packages

Only 0ne in three heart patients will ever experience chest pain! The remaining 70% will present with a heart attack first or will never be seen because of sudden death. While cancer grows silently for many years and is often diagnosed when it has already spread out. In women, it is important to add that the symptoms are often atypical, and difficult to assess, and that for every one mortality from all causes of cancer twenty seven will succumb to heart disease, the number one killer in men and women alike!

The good news are that death from heart disease has dropped by over fifty per cent in the last three decades, and by thirty percent from all causes of cancer. The main reasons for such major progress are EARLY DIAGNOSIS and PREVENTION.

The Rochester Medical Center has been a pioneer in this vision and strategy for the last thirty three years. Our outcomes are a clear testimony to these statements. That is why we are now offering prevention packages to build on our success, and help in these difficult economic times by slashing our prices to levels not seen before. These packages do not apply for patients who have symptoms, as their studies are usually covered by insurance carriers. So call us for a consultation to see how you may qualify.

Coronary Risk Assessment

This assessment will include
               -Blood Pressure measurement (BP)
               -Body Mass Index (BMI)
               -Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)
               -Lipid Profile, including total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and Triglycerides.

Results will be mailed to you within 48 hrs, at a total cost of US $29.00

PAD Assessment

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is evaluated by cuff measurement of the segmental pressures in the arms and legs. It requires no preparation and yields the ABI, which is a reliable index for the presence and degree of PAD.
Results are provided on the spot, at a cost of US $29.00                                                                  

Ultrasound Assessment

The use of ultrasound is simple, noninvasive, requires no injections, and does not use radiation.
             -For STROKE: carotid ultrasound
             -For HEART: Echocardiogram
             -For ANEURYSM: Abdominal ultrasound

Technical results are provided immediately, and mailed after review by a physician in 48 hrs, at a cost of US $ 49.00 per test.

Computerized Tomography Assessment

The use of CT is the most precise and accurate approach to prevention, as demonstrated in many sections of this web site.

For OSTEOPOROSIS: the QCT is the gold standard for the evaluation of osteoporosis available at US $99.00
For the HEART
-Coronary Calcium Score: the best risk assessment for coronary events, available for US $99.00
             -Coronary CT Angiogram: will evaluate blockages and their composition with high accuracy, offered at US $399.00
For the BRAIN
-Carotid and Cerebral Angiogram: to rule out an aneurysm or a vascular occlusion, at US $299.00
             -CT of the Brain: to check for a stroke or a brain tumor, at US $299.00
For the CHEST
             -CT of the Chest: to evaluate for a lung tumor or mass, especially in smokers, at US $299.00
             -CT Angiogram of the Chest: for diagnosis and follow up of thoracic aneurysm, at US $299.00
             -CT Angiogram:
for evaluation of abdominal aortic aneurysm, at US $299.00
             -CT of Abdomen and Pelvis: to rule out cancer of the pancreas, ovaries..., available at US $399.00
             -Virtual Colonoscopy: more accurate and safer than traditional colonoscopy, offered at US $399.00
              -CT Angiogram:
to accurately evaluate peripheral arterial disease and recommend therapy, at US $299.00
We do not recommend and never did Total Body CT due to its lack of sensitivity and specificity.

Results of these studies will be available within 48 hrs. A FREE CONSULTATION with our Certified Nurse Practioners is available and encouraged to understand these results and their implications.

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